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Zachary Li


Zachary Li is a talented and passionate grade 7 student who is dedicated to inspiring others. Zachary believes that everyone has the potential to make a positive impact. He has a deep love of the arts and is accomplished in both speech and visual art. Since the age of 7, Zachary has been learning Speech Arts and Drama and has achieved significant success in many speech and debate tournaments. Zachary is a dedicated volunteer and teacher of debate and public speaking. He understands that not everyone has the same opportunities or resources to expose to speech program. Zachary is also deeply committed to helping others beyond his school community. He has even extended his debate expertise to kids outside of Canada. Zachary founded a school-wide leadership program in grade 6, inspiring and motivating students to be their best selves. Zachary strongly believes in the power of communication, leadership, and community, and is passionate about helping others discover their own voices and strengths.

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