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Speaker Applications

Aspiring to become one of our speakers? Click the down arrow to learn more.



Are you ready to be a speaker?

Bright LED lights surround the stage, and you stand in the middle of the red carpet.

You are about to blow away the audience with your visions of the future, your interesting & innovative ideas, and your energy as a speaker on the TEDxYouth@GranvilleIsland stage.

Becoming a TEDx speaker is not an easy feat, requiring that you review, fine-tune, and rehearse your speech many times over. We are looking for speakers who not only have ideas they can share effectively to a wider audience, but who can also inspire, surprise, and delight.

This is a commitment and a challenge. 

Are you up for it?

The Speaker

Application Information

The Benefits

Not sure if you want to be a speaker? Here are 10 solid reasons* why you should want to.

It is highly encouraged to read through the short list. You might just find another reason to apply now! (It is a 1 minute read!)

*(We are not affiliated with or endorse the services of Red Dot Stage. The article is there for your informational purposes only.)

Here are some requirements you should familiarize yourself with before filling out the actual application via Google Forms (Apply Now Button).

The Basics

  • Your name, age, and school/institution/affiliation

  • Your preferred email address

  • Additional methods of contact

    • Social media handles​

    • Phone number, etc...

Your Idea

  • The title of your TEDx talk

  • A brief 200-300 word outline/summary of your talk

Answers to the following questions:

  • What is your message to the audience? 

  • How is this idea relevant/important to today's youth?

  • Tell us a little more about yourself! What are your interests/passions? What inspired you to apply as a speaker for TEDxYouth@GranvilleIsland?

  • Do you have any previous public speaking experience? If so, give a brief description of your involvement. 

Video Submission

As part of the TEDxYouth application process, we require a 4-8 minute video of any part of your speech demonstrating your speaking abilities. Whether experienced or new to speaking, your submission matters. This application aims to understand your communication skills and ideas. Use this opportunity to present your thoughts and insights within the time frame. We appreciate your participation in this application process.

Please insert a link to an unlisted Youtube video of you presenting a section of your speech (don't worry, we know it's a work in progress) - here is a link if you are unsure how to do so:


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