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Bella Zhang


Have you ever felt the existential dread and overwhelming pain after losing and all you can think to yourself is, “I have lost everything, I am forever a disappointment and I will never recover.” That sentiment can be crushing and you may wonder, “What are they going to think of me?” or “I’ve lost such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!” 

Bella is currently an 8th-grade student. She is a passionate public speaker and debater who loves creating art and reading during her free time. One of her favorite sports is badminton. She loves playing with her grandma and brothers. Not only has badminton brought her great joy in life, but it has also fueled her competitiveness and burdened her with the potential for defeat. Through her badminton journey, she has learned not to dwell on the defeat and channels that energy into growing and learning from the experience. 

Through her TEDx, Bella aims to help others identify their pain from losses, embrace it, and ultimately improve in the future!

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