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Shine Wu

Quick Biography

I am Shine, a 7th Grader in Vancouver. I am active and positive, willing to be bright like the sunshine, enjoy our everyday life, and warm the people around me.


As a friend, I am greatly helpful. As a student, I am very responsible. As an individual, I am substantially self-motivated. I enjoy a wide range of interests, among which the most passionate is public speaking.


I am ready to use all my strengths to empower others and together elevate our potential, and I am eager to share my ideas of achieving valuable connectivity with different friends and my experiences in making innovative efforts from a deep heart.


I believe quite a lot of people in Vancouver or even in the world could share the same feelings in making friends like me.

Speech Information

Our life will be rich with treasured memories if we learn to make friends with diverse kinds of people.


In my talk, I share my personal experiences learning to connect with a boy who has autism and then include him in my friendship circles. Then, during COVID times, I challenged myself to connect more deeply with my eighty-year-old grandmother far in Shanghai China.


I have learned that I can be friends with people who have disabilities, people of different ages, people of different languages, or people of different cultures. The specific communicating methods might be different, however, the essence is always the same. Use your heart and your creative mind to discover unique ways to connect with diverse kinds of people.


Our modern society is a multi-cultural and closely related global community. We would meet with people different from ourselves every day, and we could enjoy a close relationship with different people. if we make creative efforts to learn more about each other and understand more about the difference. Warm-hearted endeavors and creative connectivity with various friends are not only beneficial for self-development but also valuable for society's progress.

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