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Sophie Kuah

Quick Biography

Sophie Kuah is currently a grade 8 student at York House School, who loves running her food blog by connecting food & culture.


She is inspired daily by her family, especially by her older sister and her grandmother. She is driven by what she can do to improve herself and the world around her.

Speech Information

Although being only 14-years-old, Sophie Kuah has always found herself “stuck at a cultural crossroads,” in other words, the Asian American Identity Crisis.


She exposes how she has struggled to embrace her Asian and Canadian identities, and how her heritage allowed her to understand where she belongs.


By telling her story, she wants to tell other immigrants of Asian descent that there is power in celebrating themselves and their culture.


She wants to encourage everyone to be proud of their heritage and further find solidarity amongst their communities. Sophie hopes to reach out to everyone, regardless of who they are or where they came from.


She hopes to leave the audience thinking, whether that be reflecting on their own family history, trying to look through others’ perspectives, or maybe even reanalyzing a personal bias.

Speaker Desc.
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